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County Drains - CCTV Surveys

Camera Surveys

We have the technology to survey drains for both private (from 100mm in diameter) and commercial (up to 1 metre in diameter) drains.

We have both a push rod camera and a crawler (a motorised remote control camera), our crawler camera can rotate 360° and zoom in on connections and defects to identify any problems.

Drain surveys take place for a variety of reasons; to discover the cause of on-going problems, to ensure that newly laid drains have no flaws and for home buyers to ensure there are no hidden problems before making their purchase.

CCTV Drain Survey - Robotic Camera
Hand Fed Camera - Drain Inspection

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Whether you are buying or selling a home you are sometimes requested to have your drains surveyed, this can be because the property is showing signs of movement, damp or to rule out any existing problems. We can undertake a survey on your behalf and provide a DVD and report including still images of the drains with recommendations and estimates for any works required.

Water Authority Surveys/Build Over Surveys

If you are building an extension on your property and the footprint is close to or over the public sewers, then your local Water Authority may request that you have a CCTV survey of the surrounding drains before and after any building works. We are able to provide this service and the necessary report, DVD and plan.

Pre-Adoption Surveys

If new drains have been installed and the Water Authority is to assume responsibility of these drains then you may be requested to have a pre-adoption survey. This survey will show the Water Authority the condition of the drains prior to them being adopted.


We can undertake CCTV surveys on drains ranging from 100mm to 1000mm we have both a push camera and a crawler (motorised camera), our crawler camera can rotate 360° and zoom in on connections and defects. See our drains page for more.


There are various types of culvert, they can be stone, brick and pipe most of these can be surveyed if you are unsure please contact us to discuss the options.

Stone Culvert from Camera 
Camera Survey of Brick 
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